Poppy "Champagne Bubbles White", 15 Seeds

Papaver Nudicaule

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Why we love this flower:

  • Uses: Cut flower
  • Garden growth success: Advanced

With an abundant crepe-paper-like snow white 3"-5" blooms, our Champagne Bubbles White poppies sit atop sturdy, straight, 12–20" stems. These productive plants produce uniform, crinkled, cup-shaped blooms that sparkle and float above clumps of soft, gray-green foliage.

Pinching plants is not necessary nor beneficial. Iceland poppies perform best in cooler conditions – below 70°F. Bloom production and quality declines as temperatures rise.

Iceland poppies are technically considered a perennial and can survive cold winter temperatures, but because they don’t handle heat and insects very well, they are typically grown as hardy annuals or biennials by flower farmers.

This particular flower requires a good deal of care when started from seed because it is slow to germinate and the seeds are as tiny as grains of sand.

Shortly after harvest, use an open flame or boiling water to sear the stem ends for 7 to 10 seconds and place into water with flower food.


    • Common name: Poppy
    • Variety: Iceland
    • Life cycle: Perennial
    • Structure: Seed
    • Attraction: Butterflies, beneficial insects
    • Resistance: Deer
    • Toxicity: None


    • Fragrance level: Light
    • Cut stem length: 8" to 15" inches
    • Bouquet role: Focal and Filler
    • Vase life: 5 to 7 days with flower preservative


    • Shipping season: Year round
    • Planting season: Spring or late fall
    • Direct sow: Yes
    • Bloom season: Spring through Summer
    • Sun requirements: Sun and partial shade
    • Water preference: Average watering
    • Zones: 4 to 9
    • Plant height: 15" to 20"

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    Exceptional packaging and fast shipping. Just what I was looking for.

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    Love the site and all the flowers. My deck is going to be filled with pots of color!

    Carolyn Parker


    Love the gift bag of seeds for my clients at closing. Terrific idea!

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